Forthcoming events
  1. LDD network meeting -
    26 November 2018
    Portsmouth College
  2. Law Meeting -
    29 November 2018
    Peter Symonds College
  3. WTT - Wessex Teacher Training Programme 2018/19 Session 1 -
    29 November 2018
    Queen Mary's College
  4. VP Curriculum Meeting -
    30 November 2018
    Richard Taunton College

Wessex Group of Sixth Form Colleges

Welcome to the Wessex Group of Sixth Form Colleges’ online resource.  


We are a partnership of 14 Sixth Form Colleges in Hampshire, Southampton and Portsmouth and used to be called the Hampshire Sixth Form Colleges’ Partnership. We work together to provide value for money and best serve the needs of young people in their communities:

       Collaborating for quality assurance and improvement

       Managing staff networks

       Sharing good practice

       Negotiating with service providers

       Providing local training opportunities

       Influencing national educational developments.


Initially formed with ten colleges, a further four colleges have joined the Principals' network of the Wessex Group and our membership now includes colleges further afield - The Henley College, Cirencester CollegeSt Brendan's College and also Salisbury College.

A resource pack is available for download which describes the work of the Wessex Group in a way that may be helpful to others in the sector - the Wessex Group Guide to Partnerships. This website includes further information about what we do and lists our current work and future events.